Friday, January 18, 2013

Formaldehyde Statement Technical Bulletin From CRI

New! Updated Technical Bulletins from the Carpet and Rug Institute: Formaldehyde Statement Technical Bulletin
Did you know that the Carpet and Rug Institute has a wholelibrary of technical bulletins on its website? That’s right - CRI has an entire section of technical bulletins, white papers and scientific research relating to carpet available for anyone with the time (and patience) to access.

Eleven of these important technical documents have been updated in 2012. (See Carpet and Rug Institute Updates 11 Technical Bulletins.) Additional bulletins are scheduled for review and updating in 2013.

This week, we feature excerpts from the Formaldehyde Technical bulletin.

Formaldehyde Statement Technical Bulletin
The Carpet and Rug Institute has conducted surveys of the carpet industry to determine if formaldehyde is used in the carpet manufacturing process. The survey results confirmed that no raw materials with formaldehyde additives were being used.

As an additional confirmation of the absence of formaldehyde in carpet, the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Indoor Air Quality Testing Program (Green Label/Green Label Plus) specifically monitors this chemical. Carpet may absorb formaldehyde from the air; therefore, tests of carpet from the marketplace may indicate a presence of formaldehyde.
See the complete version of the Formaldehyde Statement Technical Bulletin

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