Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Carpet and Rug Institute Publishes Ebook for Retailers

The Carpet and Rug Institute has a new communications tool in the form of an ebook titled, The Carpet Chronicles: Highlights from the CRI Blog for Retailers and their Customers.

The ebook contains selections from the first three years of the CRI blog, which first started publishing in March of 2009.

The ebook is divided into three sections:
  • Benefits of Carpet;
  • Indoor Air Quality (which includes information on carpet and allergies and asthma); and
  • Shopping for Carpet.

The Benefits of Carpet section addresses the reasons why carpet is America’s number one flooring choice: comfort, safety (fewer slip and fall accidents), warmth, sound reduction, relative value, and easy care.

The Indoor Air Quality Section addresses the strengths and benefits of CRI’s Green Label Plus Indoor Air Quality standard, as well as current research debunking the myth that carpet causes or exacerbates asthma and allergy symptoms.

The Shopping for Carpet section offers tips on choosing a carpet style and a carpet cushion, suggestions for carpets in basements, as well as a handy guide on what to do before and after new carpet installation.

Of course, no CRI publication would be complete without great advice on cleaning and maintaining carpet ,including how to find and use products and equipment certified by the CRI’s Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning.

The ebook is interactive, with frequent hyperlinks to take readers to relevant pages from all over the web as well as to in-depth articles on the CRI Blog

As all of you CRI blog readers know, the CRI Blog has hundreds of articles, addressing multiple audiences, such as facility managers, professional carpet cleaners, consumers and retailers and more. The idea behind CRI’s new ebook is to compile articles for one particular audience – in this case, retailers, and offer an easy-to use training resource and a handy “fact book” where they can find a quick answer or a talking point or two.

I invite retailers (or anyone, for that matter) to download The Carpet Chronicles, and use it to help grow your businesses. Let me know what you think of it, and what other topics you would like to see covered. Your input will help me fill the shelves of CRI’s digital library.

Happy reading!


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