Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Social Media Reveals Some Folks Miss Carpet and Soft Floors

“I Miss Carpet”

After finding the video clip of a marine sergeant in Afghanistan who said the little bit of home he missed most in that hot and dusty landscape was the comfort and softness of carpet underfoot, I decided to see if I could find any other folks who were missing their carpets in these days of increased hard surfaces at home.

What I found amazed me. From missionaries and GIs stationed overseas, to young mothers concerned about their childrens’ safety, to athletes worries about heel spurs abroad, to gamers who want to keep dust levels down so their computers don’t overheat, people out there are missing their carpet. Here’s a smattering of what I found online on social media.
From Bicycling,com,  an interesting question - does carpet help prevent heel spurs?

I miss carpet worse than rug burns... hardwood floors.. yep, burns deep and leaves scars...”

No carpet here, but both wife and I developed heel spurs since getting rid of it and walking barefoot on hardwood. Coincidence?”

This may be worth following up on in another post – stay tumed…

From Twitter: “I miss carpet..tired of these hardwood floors

From a community forum on Thebump.com, a website for new and expectant moms.

 “Brand new squishy carpet, sounds really nice. Then maybe (baby) would have less bruises from falling on the hardwood floors.”

Me too! Our current house has all tile and wood floors. We move end of March and I told (husband) we NEED carpet.”

I feel the same way most days. Who knew I'd want to swap out beautiful hardwood floors for carpet! My BIL (brother-in-law) and SIL (sister-in-law) want to replace their carpet with tile throughout the house. They'll regret that when they have a kid someday.”

From a Pinterest board titled, “Things I miss from the States!” [see image above].  "I miss carpet - that seems sad I know but Taiwan is so humid, the apts here have marble and tile floors! I would love to just lay on the floor and watch TV!"

From Tumblr: A young man who misses his theme rug. You can even like this on Facebook, if you feel the same way!

Finally, in a chat room on a gamers’ website called Brothers of War, in a discussion on keeping computers cool by minimizing dust, one gamer recommends carpet for keeping airborne dust levels down “having carpet all over your house instead of hardwood floors helps too. man I miss carpet.”

So, I guess the question I want to ask is, does anyone else out there miss their carpet?

~ Bethany


Dennis Klager said...

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Great stuff.
Dennis Klager

Bethany Richmond said...

Thanks, Dennis! And thanks for letting me know CRI has valuable information. How do you use the info with the folks you train?

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