Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carpet Cleaning Advice from Irish Experts

A blog post from John Healy, owner of a ChemDry Carpet Cleaning business in eastern Ireland, begins with this question: “In the early evening, your eye will often catch the dust particles floating through the room, made visible by the setting sun. Have you ever wondered where those particles land?”

The answer of course is: everywhere.

His article, titled, Your Carpeting Is Your Friend explains how the carpet, draperies and upholstery in our homes act as passive filters, collecting dust particles and keeping them out of circulation in the room air.

“Those particles would otherwise bounce off the hard, non-absorbent surfaces back into the circulating air of your home. Regular cleanings of your carpets, rugs and upholstery are what will help remove all of that collected dust, dirt and allergens - and enable them to continue to serve as healthy filters for your home.

How Often Should I Clean?

The EPA recommends that carpets and covered areas of the home be cleaned as often as every two to three months. If carpets are your home's hidden filters, trapping and eliminating the spread of dirt around your home it is important to care for those filters with routine extraction. Just as we care for our cars, a regular cleaning schedule is key - kind of like a routine oil change - but for carpets.”

There’s more good information about carpet cleaning on the Carpet and Rug Institute website and as always, I welcome comments from the professional cleaners who read this blog!

Tell me, is it the flooring, or how you clean it?



Allen Levy said...

Great post Bethany! We promote these same points in our marketing message as well. I believe all carpet cleaning companies should. I wonder, are there any hard numbers out there on the differences (percentage wise) between free floating dust in a carpeted house versus a house with hard surface floor?

Bethany Richmond said...

I can't point to a specific study, but there are good sources of information on the Ejournal of International Flooring Scienceshttp://www.flooringsciences.org/e-journal/author.cfm. Also, CRI contributed to an upcoming CIRI study to be released in January 2013 that compares cleaning costs of hard surface versus carpet - it may have some hard numbers. Thanks for your comment. Bethany

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