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Getting Urine Out of Carpet: Carpet Cleaner Stories

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Story #3: Urine Luck: CARPET (getting the “P” out of carpet!): Struggles, successes, and silliness - Stories from the Field – Insights, Innovation and Inanity from Carpet Professionals

Chances are, if you have carpet, you will, at one time or another, have to clean pee out of it. Pee happens, and the good news is: there are products you can buy that will work to get out the stain,  and – equally as important – the odor.   (See related blog post How To Clean Vomit From Carpet: Cleaning Tips.)

The spot removers that have been passed by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning products and equipment have been thoroughly tested and shown to work effectively, without damaging your valuable carpet.

Among the most popular recent topics on the CRI blog have been this series of “Stories from the Field” – war stories, if you will, from carpet cleaners discussing some of their wackiest or most confounding cases (and customers)! The content has been culled from comments left on the CRI LinkedIn group.

Today, as promised, an article on what many would say is a carpet cleaner’s “Number One” problem: getting Urine out of Carpet [aka getting the “P” out of carpet].

From the owner of a carpet cleaning company in the metro DC area:

“About twenty years ago I was cleaning a customer’s home and I advised her that her dog was urinating in the house. She told me the dog had never gone in the house! At the very same time, the dog lifted his leg right there in front of us and urinated on my helper’s leg. It was all I could do not to laugh.”

I would have laughed, wouldn’t you?

Here’s a common theme – if it’s not the pet, it must be the husband.

From a Carpet Cleaner in Oregon:

“We install & clean carpet. We went to a very elderly couple’s home to see if [the carpet] needed to be replaced or cleaned as she wasn't sure what was causing such a smell. We take the moisture indicator around & find urine damage behind a recliner chair. She has a little "Fifi" dog so we say, ‘Well, it looks like we found out where the dog is having all the accidents.’ She cries out, ‘OH NO! My little angel wouldn't ever do that. She is so good.’ She would not accept any reasonable thoughts about this - so my husband finally says – ‘well, I am sorry to say but it's either the dog or...your husband.’ ”

From Cary Woodfield, a specifier, inspector, cleaner, and carpet services entrepreneur: 

“Working in a beautiful home overlooking the La Jolla, California shoreline, the lady of the house insisted her prized poodle was not peeing in the corner. You know the type - air conditioned dog house, diamond studded pink collars and silver water dishes.

A few hours later and feeling fairly comfortable with the homeowner, I again suggested her poodle was visiting the corners. Again she insisted it could not be "Fluffy" - at which point I suggested she speak with her husband when he got home because someone was peeing in the corners. She started laughing and got the point.”

Okay, this next one is not about pee, but it’s still good!

From a carpet cleaning company owner in the Boston area:

“Had an upscale customer who decided to have her beautiful Pyrenees dog participate in the son’s birthday party. After feeding it chocolate cake (lucky the dog didn’t die), the dog decided to pay her back and donated the digested results on her very expensive deep pile white wool carpet. One of the most challenging jobs in 30 years of business. But it was restored!”

And finally, a comment that remains a bit of a mystery – read on:

From Rosanne Collins, President/CEO at RM Flooring Specialists, Inc., a commercial flooring dealer in Minneapolis/St. PaulPaul:

“I specified scraper matting for 4 elevator cabs so they could easily replace tiles themselves as needed over time; saving labor costs. The client asked what they should do in the event a person were to urinate on the scraper matting, which apparently happened quite frequently. I am not in the cleaning business, didn't see that one coming. Tell me how I should have responded and I promise to tell you what I actually told her, which I still can't believe.”

Bethany Richmond • “I probably would have said that if someone peed on the elevator scraper mats, they would just whiz right up to the top floor - but then, I'm not in the cleaning business either. Please tell!! This one sounds fascinating!!”

What would your answer have been? Let me know –

PS: I received this answer from Ms. Collins: “I sold them "scraper tile" I told the client to pull them up, hose them off, let them dry and re-install. The adhesive is releasable. I sold them extra tiles to install while the peed ones dried.”

~ Bethany 

Image Credit: Mr. ChemDry, Utah


Nancy @ Carpet Cleaning said...

Thanks for the stories. Definitely gave me a laugh. I'll have to look at this the next time I have a carpet cleaning issue arise. Humor helps just about everything. Great post!

Bethany Richmond said...

Thanks, Nancy! Are you part of the CRI LinkedIn Group? It's a great place for discussions, and I'd love to have your input!! Or, just send me your stories by email.

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