Thursday, August 2, 2012

Carpet Cleaning for Dummies: a Guide to Easy Carpet Care and Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning for Dummies: a Guide to Easy Carpet Care and Cleaning
When the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) and a few friends from the cleaning industry got together in 2007 to produce a user-friendly guide to easy carpet care and cleaning, few suspected that within 5 years, the results of that effort, the book, “Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies” would have 80,000 copies in print and be approaching its third printing.

In his June 8, 2012 column titled "Carpet cleaning for dummies" in the Dalton’s Daily-Citizen, Carpet and Rug Institute President Werner Braun discusses the unexpected popularity of the pocket-sized blockbuster.

“The popularity of the “For Dummies” book template is legendary. With near universal name recognition, and more than 150 million books in print, it’s the world’s best selling reference series.

 We initially decided to come up with our own “For Dummies” booklet to help promote our Seal of Approval Program. The program gives recommendations to consumers for the best carpet cleaning techniques, cleaning products, equipment and service providers available to prolong the life of their carpet investment.”

Aside from tips on regular cleaning and spot removal, Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies provides tips for pet owners and advice on how to clean precious Oriental rugs and offers guidelines to consumers to help them recognize when calling in professional cleaners may be their best option.

“We’ve enjoyed watching the reaction of attendees and participants at various trade shows who have come across our “For Dummies” displays. At those trade shows, many of those in attendance who can’t resist grabbing a copy of our book will comment, “I know a dummy that this book can really help.” Of course, that “dummy” may well indeed be the person putting it in their back pocket as they walk away. But we’re glad to get these tips in the hands of all of those who want to protect their carpet investment.

 Some people think keeping carpet clean and beautiful is hard work. It really isn’t. Not if you clean it properly, with the right frequency and the right products

 We are pleased that this pocket handbook has proved to be so valuable to the public, requiring frequent reprints to keep up with demand. CRI has consistently promoted the book’s message that proper cleaning and maintenance of carpet makes all the difference in the world, that using good products is paramount to its beauty and longevity.”

 Booklets can be purchased from the CRI website. The cost for Carpet Cleaning for Dummies is $2 per booklet.

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Dan johns said...

as a carpet cleaner in NYC i really enjoyed your blog . very informative , very straight forward .

Thank you .


Bethany said...

Hi Dan,
Boy! How did I miss this compliment? Thank you, and keep reading. Anything else you want to see published? Bethany

Troy Lewis said...

As a carpet cleaner in Memphis, I( found this "booklet" very informative. I use many of the tips to advise my customers on some of the steps they can take between visits to help keep their carpet cleaner.

Even those of us in the business of cleaning carpet can get value here, there is just so much information we do not learn until we are exposed to it.

You book taught me a few things as well as helped me articulate to my customers many others.

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