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The 4 Step Carpet Maintenance Program

The 4 Step Carpet Maintenance Program

Four Steps to Keep Carpets Clean: Implementing a Carpet Maintenance Program

In his April 20, 2012 column titled "Implementing a carpet maintenance program" in the Dalton’s Daily-Citizen, Carpet and Rug Institute President Werner Braun offers advice on making carpets last longer and look better in our homes and offices.

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the article says, then a four-step maintenance program is just what the doctor ordered for your carpets. The article quotes Jeff Bishop, administrator of Clean Care Seminars, who describes how small, but regular, cleaning is better than an occasional ‘Herculean” effort. 

“‘If you maintain and vacuum the carpet regularly, you’ll get the dry particle soils out,’ Bishop says. ‘If you can avoid soil buildup, you’ll avoid permanent stains.’

The first step in carpet maintenance is regular vacuuming, and ‘vacuuming daily is ideal,’ says Bishop, ‘even if the dirt isn’t yet visible to the naked eye.’

The second step is to conduct interim cleanings. Bishop recommends using minimal-moisture techniques to improve the appearance of the carpet between ‘restorative,’ otherwise known as extraction, cleanings.

The third step in a carpet maintenance program is “restoration,” which is basically deep cleaning using hot water or dry methods of extraction. This works best if it’s done regularly. At CRI, we recommend deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months.

The fourth step in your carpet maintenance program is to “think prevention.” Consider adding mats to heavily trafficked areas or add a scraper mat outside the entryway. You should also check your HVAC system regularly to make sure that it filters soils out of the air instead of letting them filter onto the carpet.

“Look at the building holistically,” says Bishop. ‘You can’t look at carpet without considering the other aspects of the building. Make sure that grounds are maintained and that you are conducting daily maintenance on your floorcovering to make it last longer.’”

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EverClean Carpet Cleaning Nashville said...

Great post for those wanting to keep their carpet in top shape! If I can add to this informative post, make sure the vacuum has a beater bar and that, if possible, vacuum against the grain to reach deeper into the pile.

Also, I recommend a polypropylene entrance rug to trap oil from blacktop driveways or parking lots prior to entering a home or office.

I'll make sure to point my clients to your blog.


Brandon Branco
EverClean Carpet Cleaning Nashville TN
515 Anderson Lane
Nashville TN 37115

A-1 Carpet Service said...

I echo Brandon's Comments on the Vacuuming. As Carpet Cleaners we too often see carpets that haven't seen a vacuum in quite some time.

Jeff Bishop has been around this business a long time, I have always valued his opinions.

Thanks for the Post!


A-1 Carpet Service
Sioux Falls, SD

Bethany Richmond said...

Thanks, HP!

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