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Carpet Cleaning's Average Cost: Jeff Bishop Responds

Jeff Bishop on Carpet Cleaning's Average Cost

What’s the Average Cost of Carpet Cleaning?

I am grateful for the generous professionals who offer me their expert advice and information for this blog. Here’s a perfect example: I needed to find the average cost of carpet cleaning per square foot.

Here’s a response sent to me by Jeff Bishop, cleaning industry expert and consultant with Clean Care Seminars, Inc.

“The simple answer is: it depends! Here’s the longer and more complex answer:

Residential Carpet Cleaning Cost

  • Carpet cleaning pricing depends on whether we’re talking residential, mainstreet commercial or institutional.
  • Carpet cleaning pricing also depends on the geographical area and whether we’re talking rural or metropolitan. 
Specifically, residential carpet cleaning ranges from 25-35 cents per ft2, with variations based on the judgment of the estimator.

Commercial and Institutional Carpet Cleaning Cost:

Commercial and institutional carpet cleaning pricing is based on the residential price with discounts for:

Quantity – obviously, the more we can clean in one trip, the more economical, but the formula is broken down into 500 and 1000 ft2 increments.

Frequency – the more often we clean the carpet, the more familiar we become with it and typically the easier (more economical) it is to clean.

Furniture density – rather clean open carpet than carpet with wall-to-wall furniture.  Productivity is the issue here.

Soiling – is the carpet in an industrial work setting or a bank or office setting?

Other factors – what about daily building maintenance and cleaning?  Is the building well-kept or a pig sty? 

Specifically, considering what DuPont defines as an average commercial building (<10K ft2), pricing generally ranges from 15-20 cents per ft2.

Like I said, it depends.  For sure, however, considering IEQ issues and the replacement option (with ramifications), cleaning doesn’t cost; it pays.”

Well said, Jeff, and thanks for your help!


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Jay said...

"cleaning doesn’t cost; it pays.”

When we take into consideration the health benefits of a clean carpeted environment this statement grows exponentially!

The only factor that I feel should have been included is the geographical location of the carpet in question.

Here in the desert southwest we have more silicates in our soil than in the northeast. This has a huge impact on the amount and speed at which micro occlusions occur.

This factor will have an impact on the required frequency of cleaning, which should reduce the cost per cleaning.

Jay Jetty

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