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No Beef To Carpet Increasing Asthma, Allergy

No Beef To Carpet Increasing Asthma, Allergy

Carpet and Asthma, Allergy Research: Where’s the Competition’s “Beef”?

In his January 21, 2012 column titled "Where's the beef?" for Dalton’s Daily-Citizen Carpet and Rug Institute President Werner Braun describes the most common myth regarding carpet: carpet's effect on people with asthma and allergies.

The article describes his reaction to another trade association's claim that consumers should buy hard surface floors because carpet negatively affects family members who have asthma and allergies - a complete myth!

“This isn’t the first time this myth has surfaced [see a related blog article, Hardwood Retailer Wrong About Carpet];  it’s the most common one we hear at CRI.

In fact, CRI has found multiple studies that show that carpet is helpful to people with asthma - including Carpet, Asthma and Allergies – Myth or Reality written by Mitch Sauerhoff.  In one 18-nation study of nearly 20,000 people, a statistical relationship was found to exist between carpeted bedrooms and reduced asthma and allergy symptoms and improved breathing. Because what falls to the carpet — such as allergens, common dust, pet dander and other pollutants — tends to stay on the carpet until it is vacuumed, unlike smooth surfaces that allow these particles to re-circulate in the room air. 

 Properly maintained carpet also leads to improved air quality and a healthier indoor environment because regular vacuuming with a Carpet and Rug Institute-certified vacuum cleaner locks dust and particles inside the machine and removes them from the air you breathe.

 If the competition can’t produce convincing studies, what qualifies them to recommend that carpet is bad for indoor air quality? What are they basing their recommendation on?”

Thank you, Werner.



Jay said...

I find it amazing that intelligent, intuitive, well educated people continue to propogate this myth! I am certian some if it is unintentional. Some of this propogation is due to the fact that no one has ever told most consumers that all textiles need to be cleaned.

I have incorporated the statement into my marketing message. "All carpet should be cleaned at least once a year whether it looks like it needs to be cleaned or not, to reduce dust, allergens, pet dander, and inscet droppings."

This statment seem to be a real eye opener for most people. And it is one that every one in the flooring industry should embrace.

Jay Jetty

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Bethany said...

Thanks, Jay! That's a great idea.

Company Inc said...

Sorry to disagree, but it's pretty well known that carpets are a source of allergens. Almost all doctors recommend the removal of carpets in people who are asthmatic, although it is known that the worst areas are the bedding.

Jay said...

"Carpets are a source of allergens"

This comment is true only to the point that synthetic fibers will off gas a little when they are brand new. But to say that carpets are the source is like saying clothing is a source of allergens and should not be worn.

Mold, cat saliva, dog dander, cockroach and dust mite droppings, and pollen are part of a very long list of potential "source of allergens". Not nylon, acrylic, or polypropylene.

I do agree that most doctors will recommend removing carpet from patients homes that have respiratory issues. They will also recommend thoroughly washing their clothing, body and hair after coming into contact with allergens.

So if we use a little deductive reasoning we can come to the conclusion if it is ok to wear clothes and have hair. It is probably ok to have carpet in your home or place of work.

Allergen molecules and odor molecules are roughly the same size. And I have never heard anyone say not to clean your carpet if it smells bad. So if we can clean carpets and remove odors then it stands to reason that steam cleaning will remove allergens too.

Now I am not belittling what an Md must accomplish to become an Md. But no doctor I have ever cleaned for has ever given me advice on how to do my job. It is all about specialized knowledge. And in 20 years I have picked up a few pieces of specialized knowledge that most Md's know nothing of.

Plus I have pretty severe seasonal allergies and I have experienced times when I come home and sit in my reclyner and start to feel the itching and burning in my eyes and sinus cavities. The next day I steam clean my reclyner and viola... no more allergic reactions!

This was meant in the spirit of helpful good advice and I hope it was received that way. And I hope you try cleaning as a meanse of controling allergens for yourself. In fact perhaps you know a person who has severe allergies who you can do some cleaning for. If so offer to clean thier upholstery, mattress and carpet for them once for free. And then see for your self if what I have said is true.

Best of luck out there!

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