Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Washington State Carpet Recycling Proposes Makers Pay Cost

Jennifer Mendez, CRI VP for Government Relations
Jennifer Mendez

Washington State Considers Carpet Recycling Mandate

Jennifer Mendez, Carpet and Rug Institute Vice-President for Government Relations, says recently-proposed legislation that would create an extensive carpet collection network in the state of Washington would cost the carpet industry millions of dollars.  Jennifer, who has appeared previously on the CRI blog, monitors the legislatures in all fifty states and the federal government for laws that could affect the carpet industry in either positive or negative ways.

In an interview that aired January 20, 2012 on the flooring industry news site floordaily.net, Jennifer told Floor Focus magazine publisher Kemp Harr that Washington’s senate bill SB 6341 calls for carpet manufacturers to bear all the costs of reclaiming waste carpet in the state, including having manufacturers pay for carpet collection facilities in every one of the state’s 39 counties. By contrast, there are currently 99 carpet collection facilities in the entire U.S. This article from floordaily.net has more information about the bill’s requirements - see Carpet Makers May Get Hit by Washington State.

The current bill, which is similar to a bill considered last year in Washington, is being positioned by its sponsor as a “jobs bill”, citing the many green jobs that will be created by its passage. According to Jennifer, the cost to the carpet industry would reach, “into the millions.”

From this point, the bill will be considered in committee. CRI has already voiced opposition to the bill in testimony in Washington prior to the bill’s introduction and will continue to work to have the bill defeated.


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