Thursday, December 1, 2011

Market-Based Product Stewardship Solutions for Carpet Industry

Market-Based Product Stewardship Solutions for Carpet Industry

Carpet Industry Seeks Market-based Product Stewardship Solutions

In his October 16, 2011 column titled "Market-based solutions are best" for the Dalton Daily Citizen, Carpet and Rug Institute president Werner Braun discusses CRI’s participation in a multi-industry group called the Product Management Alliance whose aim is to address the issue of extended producer responsibility in the United States. EPR, or Product Stewardship bills as they are often called, shift the costs of disposing of products to the manufacturers. California recently passed the country’s first extended producer responsibility law, called AB 2398.

“The PMA will promote and protect free-market solutions to product stewardship. Through the efforts of the PMA, CRI and the carpet industry will work to address its members’ concerns relating to government policies that mandate extended producer responsibility, and programs that shift the costs of product collection solely to the manufacturers.

The PMA will also work with experts in industry and government to ensure a consistent policy for recovery, take-back programs and other extended producer responsibility models.”

California recently passed its AB 2398 Carpet Stewardship Bill, the nation’s first-ever extended producer responsibility legislation that specifically addresses carpet. The law generates funding to meet the goals of AB 2398 through an initial assessment of 5 cents per square yard of carpet sold in California. Unlike other proposed stewardship legislation that are intended to fund the entire burden of end-of-life management, this law is designed to find ways to incentivize the growth of carpet reclamation and recycling and still allow the market to work.

As we continue to work to gain more visibility on this issue, CRI and all members of the Product Management Alliance want to educate legislators about market-based solutions for the disposal of products at the end of their useful lives. As PMA Treasurer Jennifer Mendez points out, ‘Product manufacturers have come together on this vital issue. It is critical that everyone understands the impact that government-mandated programs have, not just on manufacturers, but on consumers and the environment.’”

Thank you, Werner.



Jim Szopinski said...

Unlike the early days of recycling, when the concept was new to the general public and participation rates were low, landfill diversion has gained acceptance.

Carpet stewardship, as mentioned at, can have unintended consequences and adversely impact the free market.

Cooperation on all sides is important.

Bethany said...

Thank you for this wonderful comment - I enjoyed your website. What an addition you are making!

Jim Szopinski said...

Thank you - I appreciate the kind words.

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