Thursday, October 13, 2011

CRI SOA Insights On Carpet Cleaning, Restoration Industry

CRI Seal of Approval Program Offers Insights to Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Industry

CRI Seal of Approval (SOA) Program Offers Insights to Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Industry

In his September 23, 2011 column titled "CRI connects with community" for the Dalton Daily Citizen, Carpet and Rug Institute president Werner Braun discusses CRI’s participation in this year’s Connections Convention and Trade Show, one of the most influential training and display venues for the residential cleaning and restoration industry.

At Connections, attendees attend seminars and learn such things as how to attack pet odor and remove wine stains from carpet and the importance of using environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Mr. Braun spoke at the meeting about busting the myths behind carpet, asthma and allergies.

“…many people are still surprised to discover that there’s no scientific data to suggest that removing carpets will help those with asthma and allergy symptoms, even though some doctors still recommend the removal of carpet to their patients as part of their treatment.

One of my favorite stories from the show involves a Las Vegas cleaning professional who participates in the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval Service Providers program. He serves his community by working with his local Humane Society. When someone adopts a dog or cat he provides a one-time free carpet cleaning service.

I think this story demonstrates the importance of programs like CRI’s Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning products and equipment because it shows that humans aren’t the only ones who need clean indoor air — we all need clean air to breathe.

It’s through hearing stories like these that I know we’ve “connected” with a new floor covering audience.”

Thank you, Werner.

~ Bethany

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Sabina Olgun said...

I have a daughter with pretty bad asthma that is triggered by allergies. I just took her to the doctor yesterday and he said to wash her sheets once a week, put an allergy pillow cover under her pillow cover and remove her carpet from her bedroom floor! Little did he know that I am a flooring store owner and when I told him I disagree with him and he shouldn't be telling parents to remove their carpet to reduce allergies because it's simply not true, he got very irritated with me!

Especially the newer carpets that have come out recently, they are less irritating allergens than hardwood floors. When I asked him, "Isn't there any dust along the edges of hardwood flooring?" He just walked out of the room!!!!!!!

This is a 100% true story. I was so irritated. I know it used to be true in the past but we really need to change the allergy community's view of carpet!

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