Thursday, September 29, 2011

Carpet Fiber: What Should I Know?

Carpet Fiber: What Should I Know?

Carpet Question Corner - Carpet Q and A - 7th in a series

"I don't know anything about carpet fiber. Should I?" is the seventh in a series of banner ads developed to run on the flooring news website The banners ads contain great information for consumers, from choosing the right carpet, to safeguarding a home’s indoor air quality, to keeping carpet clean and beautiful as new. Today's is about carpet and Kool-Aid stains.

Let’s go over the questions – and pay careful attention because there will be a quiz. ;-)

Carpet Question Corner #7: I don't know anything about carpet fiber. Should I?

The type of fiber used, and the way the carpet is constructed, determines its basic performance. What you choose depends on what you want from the carpet.
  • Nylon comes in a variety of color schemes, has a soft feel and excellent resiliency and durability.
  • Olefin is resistant to water stains, making it the primary fiber used in indoor/outdoor carpet.
  • Polyester features luxurious feel, inherent and permanent stain resistance, and the ability to produce bright colors.
  • Wool is a natural fiber noted for its luxury and performance. Its features include soft “hand”, high bulk, color variety and inherent flame retardant characteristics.
Visit and to learn more.

How do you respond when consumers ask you about carpet fiber? What resources do you use to help them?

Let me know in the comments!

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Home Carpeting Pro said...

First, I try to get a sense of budget. If someone has a low budget, then I will will take that into consideration. One good resource that I have found online is: . There is a really great chart there, that I have printed and use for a guide.

Bethany said...


Bethany said...

A reader pointed out the omission of a new form of carpet fiber - Triexta. Here's information from the CRI website: "Triexta features include its luxurious soft “hand”, excellent colorfastness and bright colors, inherent and permanent stain resistance. Other features include durability, resistance to fading, cleanability, texture retention and resiliency.” Thanks for pointing this out!

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