Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Water-Only Carpet Cleaning Perspective From an Expert

Water-Only Carpet Cleaning Perspective From an Expert

A Perspective on Water-Only Carpet Cleaning ~ Carpet Cleaning Expert supports Seal of Approval Guidelines for cleaning solutions

I enjoy the emails I receive from carpet-cleaning expert Mark Violand with D&R Carpet Service, Inc. His latest one offers his views on carpet cleaning services that offer to clean with water alone. Here’s what he says:

“Water is a great solvent, it dissolves sugars and salts and is very abrasive. Yes abrasive. Before the Grand Canyon was a canyon, it was the Grand Prairie.

All kidding aside, water may have all these great attributes, however “water alone” does not make a good carpet cleaning agent. Water alone does not dissolve airborne oils which are dirt binders, sticky substances that attract and bind abrasive dirt particles to the fibers. A cleaning agent is needed to dissolve the oil and suspend the soil particles so they can be extracted off the fibers.”

He says the trend towards water only is understandable: operations managers and executive housekeepers are looking to minimalist methods as a way to avoid, in his words, “bad cleaning agents and misleading instructions on chemical bottles”. He notes that cleaning agents that leave soil-attracting residues behind will cause carpet to resoil rapidly.

The answer, he says, is to use detergents that come out clean and that dry to a “crisp, crystalline structure that subsequent vacuuming can remove.” When I read that, it reminded me of the last time I had my carpets cleaned by a Seal of Approval Service Provider I hired here in Dalton. When they were finished, my carpets looked great, and they crunched when I first walked on them. A list of SOA Service Providers is on the CRI website – you can find one in your area just by entering your zipcode at the top of the page.

Mark’s comments fall right in line with the Carpet and Rug Institute’s guidelines established in its Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning products and equipment. To earn SOA certification, cleaning products, including spot removers, in-tank and pre-spray solutions, must clean effectively, and then must “come clean” from the carpet, just as Mark describes. As of this writing, there are 329 commercial and residential products that have passed the Seal of Approval testing, with more added each week. You can browse a list of SOA-certified solutions on the CRI website.  

Thanks, Mark for your contribution to carpet cleaning information. I’d like to hear from others out there on this topic. Comments, anyone?

In the meantime, Mark – keep sending those emails!


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Osborne said...

Yes, I always wondered if water was enough to clean carpet - I guess on the surface water can make something look clean, but cannot "restore" the carpet in as good of a shape as before.

Great post! I actually started SkeenIt.com to help others protect carpet with high grade polyethylene plastic protection. If you or someone you know can use a product like mine, referrals are welcome! It's hard to get the word out as a new startup, so I appreciate it.

Thanks Bethany,



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