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Flooring Industry Will Get Facts at Surfaces Trade Show

Flooring Industry Will Get Facts at Surfaces Trade Show by Werner Braun

The Daily Citizen, Dalton, GA: Werner Braun: Industry will get the facts at flooring trade show

In his January 21, 2011 column for Dalton’s Daily-Citizen, Carpet and Rug Institute President Werner Braun discussed his presentation, “Just the Facts, Please: the Truth About Carpet, Asthma and Allergies” at the Surfaces floor covering exhibition and trade show. The article is titled "Industry will get the facts at trade show".

In his comments, Mr. Braun debunked the following carpet myths:

“Myth No. 1: Carpet aggravates asthma and allergy. The weight of evidence does not support a link between carpet and asthma and allergy symptoms, even though some health care providers believe there is an association. In fact, clean, dry, well-maintained carpet actually improves indoor air quality.

Researcher and toxicology expert Mitchell Sauerhoff (doctorate and diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology) reviewed 23 U.S. and international scientific studies and concluded in “Carpet, Asthma and Allergies — Myth or Reality” that carpet’s alleged negative characteristics are not consistent with current research. In fact, he concludes that the literature on carpet and asthma and allergies confirms that children and adults living with carpet do not have an increased incidence of asthma or allergy. (See related blog post here NFT: Scientific Facts Dispel Carpet Myths – ed.)

Myth No. 2 is tied into No. 1: Carpet can’t be cleaned and maintained (thus causing allergies and asthma). Through proper maintenance and cleaning with Seal of Approval (SOA) cleaning solutions and vacuums, a carpeted home provides a clean and healthy environment, as well as a cozy atmosphere!

And last, but not least, Myth No. 3: Carpet is not environmentally friendly. As consumers become more interested in environmental sustainability, green building practices are becoming more important as a lasting trend. Schools, health care facilities, businesses and public facilities recognize the benefits of building green, and governmental entities are even passing laws to mandate future green construction of public and private buildings.

Carpet, carpet pads and carpet adhesives contribute to green building in two important ways, by helping reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and emissions, and contributing to the growing use of recycled content for building materials.

We’ve heard these myths time and time again, and it never gets old defending the floor covering choice that provides comfort, warmth and a little pizzazz to any business or home.”

Thanks, Werner!


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Stephen Lewis said...

Bethany, thank you for exposing these carpet myths addressed by Werner. It is important for individuals to know the truth behind IAQ and carpet maintenance. In fact, the best time to begin a maintenance regimen is when the carpet is new. Over time, dirt and soil will break down carpet fiber and cause long term damage. By the time you can see the carpet is dirty, the damage has already begun. A restorative cleaning may bring the appearance back to carpet, but a consistent, proactive maintenance plan with a safe and proven product will keep the investment in good condition for a longer life.

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