Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Keeping Clean at ISSA 2010

Keeping Clean at ISSA 2010

Keeping Clean at ISSA: A Look at the Industry Behind Keeping Clean

I asked my son, who works as a field instructor at a wilderness program for kids and teens, what the most challenging part of his job was. Was it night after night of sleeping on the ground or living with only the things he can carry on his back? Perhaps dealing with the responsibilities of the often troubled young people he helps guide and care for high in the wilderness of the North Georgia Mountains?

His answer surprised me: he said his biggest challenge was keeping clean. Not clean as in tidy, but clean as in hygienic. As in, staying healthy in a job where hand washing is a luxury and there is no such thing as calling in sick to work. Part of his ongoing training focuses on how to live successfully in a world where literally everything is covered with bacteria, not to mention crawling with various parasites and other assorted things that go bump in the night. He told me some fascinating things about the precautions he takes and how he gets through a dirty world unscathed, using only the products he can carry – that work without leaving a trace on the environment.

For most of us, keeping and staying clean in the workplace is an easier proposition, with modern bathrooms and portable hand sanitizers wherever we need. The work of keeping the world’s offices, schools, retail and other facilitates clean is a huge undertaking represented by a major industry – an industry that came out in force at the 2011 ISSA InterClean show Nov. 10-12 in Orlando, Florida. ISSA, which used to stand for International Sanitary Supply Association but now just goes by the initials, is an organization for the commercial cleaning industry.

CRI attends ISSA because its Seal of Approval program tests and certifies many of the carpet cleaning spot removers, pre-sprays and in-tank solutions, vacuums, and extractors used in the commercial cleaning industry.

I found the event fascinating. Did you know that there are vacuums that look like mini-Zambonis, with an operator that rides on the back? Here’s a video of one from Vacuum manufacturer Windsor, a CRI Seal of Approval participating company. It’s a walk-and-talk interview with Windsor’s Director of Sales Training James Young.

[Subscribers, click on ride-on-vac ISSA YouTube video.]

Here’s a robot vacuum that cleans huge facilities like empty ballrooms or convention centers at night. [Subscribers, click on RoboVac to view YouTube video.]

Vacuums come in many colors…

ISSA 2010: Karcher vacuums

Some have lots of personality…

ISSA 2010: NaceCare Henry vac

And, thanks to CRI’s Seal of Approval Participating companies for showing the SOA logo prominently at their booths.

ISSA 2010: CRI Seal of Approval member



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Bethany said...

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