Thursday, November 4, 2010

Carpet Industry Cares For Community: Werner Braun

Carpet Industry Cares For Community: Werner Braun

Good Citizenship is Part of Sustainability - Carpet industry and its employees give back to Dalton, other communities

In an article titled Carpet cares for the community that appeared in the September 10, 2010 edition of the Dalton, Georgia Daily Citizen, Carpet and Rug Institute President Werner Braun talks about how CRI-member companies and their employees contribute greatly to the well-being of the communities they inhabit. Braun explains, “The carpet industry does much more than make the world’s most popular floor covering; it is working to make a difference in the quality of life in our communities.”

To put this in perspective, CRI and its members believe that how a company fulfills its social responsibilities is an integral part of that company’s overall measure of sustainability. For a company to be sustainable, it should adhere to the “triple bottom-line” model of environmental stewardship, economic stability, and social responsibility. The social aspect of sustainability promotes social interaction and cultural enrichment, with emphasis on protecting the vulnerable and respecting social diversity.

As the article points out, it would be difficult to mention all of the ways CRI members contribute to their communities. Certainly, Carpet and Rug Institute member companies and their employees are major sponsors, organizers, and supporters of fund drives in the Dalton area, such as:

“… the Elks Club, Rotary Clubs, Civitan, Kiwanis, Sertoma, Lions, a variety of religious functions, League of Women Voters, Red Cross Volunteers, Garden Clubs, United Way, Chambers of Commerce, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Toys for Tots, Creative Arts Guild, Habitat for Humanities, March of Dimes, Alzheimer’s Association, Friendship House, Target Tomorrow and many more.

The companies are intently interested in employee satisfaction and development. Educational enhancement values are available in almost every company, such as GEDs offered and earned, language classes, and tuition reimbursement. Health is a priority, with counseling and care for illness reduction and nutritional and wellness programs.

I think it is an understatement when I say that carpet and Georgia go hand-in-hand. But I think it’s an even larger understatement to say that the carpet industry makes much more than just a product: It helps make our community.”

Thank you, Werner.

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