Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How To Clean Vomit From Carpet: Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning Tips for Removing Pet (and Anyone Else’s) Vomit from Carpet

[Or, chucking the upchuck from your carpet in 6 easy steps...]
Here’s a good article I found on Breakthrough Carpet Care’s website about Removing Pet Vomit from Carpet. I guess it would work for human vomit, too – how many parents get through their children’s lives without that particular cleanup duty? I have a few stories I could share – but I guess that would be content for a different blog.

Tips For Cleaning Vomit From Carpet:

Here’s the scoop on removing urp:

1. Work fast
2. Scoop the solids from the carpet
3. Sprinkle the spot with baking soda – let it dry, then scrape and scoop again
4. Vacuum
5. Blot with dilute detergent solution (the article says scrub, but that could damage the carpet fiber – CRI recommends blotting only). Repeat if necessary
6. Rinse with warm water
7. If this doesn’t work, call a professional

The entire article is very informative – you can read it here.

Another tip: a wet-vac is a useful tool for removing solids and liquids out of carpet – sort of a two birds with one stone deal.

Also, the Carpet and Rug Institute has a new category for Pet Stain and Odor removal products – these are carpet cleaning solutions that have been independently tested and certified to work to remove the stains and odor associated with urine and feces, vomit, and ground-in dirt. The program is new, and several products are in the testing process. As products are approved, they will be posted on the CRI website.



dryer vent cleaning maryland said...

I really like this site.
With the amounts of info that it has posted here I will be sure to come back to it. This post in particular I found very informative.

Bethany Richmond said...

Hello Maryland,
I am very glad you found the article useful - that is what this blog is for. I will have more "how-to" articles coming up in future posts. Are there any in particular you would like to see?

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