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Carpet Industry's Sustainability Achievements: Werner Braun

Carpet Industry's Sustainability Achievements: Werner Braun

Carpet Industry Gives Green Light to the Environment - New environmentally-friendly lighting just one of industry’s green achievements. "Lots to be proud of," says Werner Braun.

In his August 27, 2010 article titled Lots to be proud of in carpet industry for the Dalton Daily CitizenCarpet and Rug Institute President Werner Braun discusses the carpet industry’s significant achievements in environmental sustainability. The article states:

“We have documented such things as reduction of water usage by over 55 percent since 1995, and reduced energy consumption per unit of product by over 70 percent since 1995. Our thermal fuels used per 1,000 square yards of carpet manufactured are down almost 50 percent in that time frame.

The hazardous air pollutants have been squeezed down to over 70 percent since 1990. In fact, our industry may be one of the few in the United States that meets the Kyoto Protocol. The industry today has the same CO2 emissions as it did in 1990, yet produces 42 percent more product.”

Braun tells of a CRI member mill that contracted for an energy-savings audit from Aelux, a company that specializes in upgrading their clients’ lighting systems to make them more energy-efficient. More than just switching light bulbs, Aelux performs an entire system retrofit that lowers the client’s energy use and carbon footprint. The CRI member reported these results:

• First year total energy consumption from lighting reduced by 1.3 million kilowatts

• Total annual savings of $94,563 (45% return on original expenditure)

• Estimated 10-year savings of $945,630

• Greenhouse gas reductions: Carbon dioxide, 2.74 million pounds, nitrogen oxide, 5,973 pounds, and sulfur dioxide, 16,478 pounds. (equivalent to removing 228 cars off the road and planting 31,881 trees per year

As Braun says, “Carpet companies are becoming focused on sustainable growth, creating high performance products while decreasing their environmental footprint for the value of future generations. Sustainability means more than just recycling; it’s an entire shift in the way a company thinks about its products and the manufacturing processes in relation to the environment.”

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