Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carpet Makes Schools Safer, Cleaner, Healthier: Werner Braun

CRI’s Seal of Approval Program Helps Keep Schools Cleaner

CRI’s Seal of Approval Program Helps Keep Schools Cleaner.  Cleaner schools enhance students' school experience, says Carpet and Rug Institute President Werner Braun.

Here are excerpts from Werner Braun’s column titled "Carpet makes schools safer, cleaner, healthier" that appeared on July 23, 2010, in the Dalton, Georgia, Daily Citizen. The article begins, “I am happy to share a positive step in how schools are working toward advancing the classroom environment for our children.”

Braun then describes how Georgia Schools Superintendent Kathy Cox recommended implementing the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval (SOA) testing program for carpet cleaning products in all of the state’s 190 school districts, as a way to “improve the cleanliness of local school districts and stretch public funds.” She noted that using SOA products and service providers “could help districts maximize cleaning and maintenance budgets by guiding them to the most effective products. This, in turn, would save money by reducing labor costs and extending the useful life of carpet.” That’s good news for schools, carpet manufacturers, and carpet cleaners.

The SOA program independently tests both residential and commercial market vacuums, extractors, cleaning solutions like spot removers and in-tank solutions, and posts lists of qualifying products on the CRI website.  In addition, carpet cleaning professionals certified as Seal of Approval Service Providers are listed on the website by ZIP code and geographic area

The article continues by describing how Dalton Public Schools implemented the Seal of Approval program.

“At one time, carpets were maintained by school personnel. But as the school system grew, the district hired a local Seal of Approval-certified Service Provider and invested in SOA-approved vacuums. On-site “spotting teams” respond to spills and stains immediately, using SOA-approved spot cleaning solutions. ‘Clean, safe schools enhance teaching and learning,’ says Belinda Parrish, the Dalton Public Schools maintenance chief. ‘A clean environment is as important to a student’s success as a good breakfast.’

With the approval of CRI’s SOA program for districts around the state, proper cleaning on a budget will come to life. We can provide school systems with certified cleaning tools that will keep classrooms cleaner and healthier, and we all can send our children out of our doors with a little less worry. Well, at least during the eight hours they are in school.”

Thank you, Werner.



Jason J said...

This is a great move. Schools are in the business of teaching children and need all forms of support in all other areas to take care of the children and staff. Advising and guiding them about carpets, included.

Carpet Cleaner Review Expert

Bethany Richmond said...

Hello Jason,
Thanks for your comment - one of the purposes for CRI's cleaning and maintenance education program is to help the school environment be a cleaner place and one that is more amenable to the learning process. Appreciate your support.

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