Thursday, August 26, 2010

Carpet In Learning Environments: Werner Braun

Carpet In Learning Environments: Werner Braun

Carpet gets an A!  Carpet and Rug Institute's Werner Braun Outlines the benefits of carpet in learning environments

In his latest column for the Dalton Daily Citizen, titled Carpet get an A in schools, Werner Braun asks readers, “What offers an array of advantages to the school environment, including warmth, noise absorption, comfort and safety, yet stands up to the test of the tough abuse so many little feet can dish out?”

The answer, of course, is, carpet

The article tells how a nationwide survey of teachers done several years ago shows that they overwhelmingly prefer carpet in their classrooms.

Other benefits of carpet in schools are: better acoustics, increased safety due to a marked reduction in slip and fall accidents, energy conservation due to carpet’s insulative effects, and greater comfort thanks to carpet’s softness and warmth. The article outlines another significant benefit: carpet’s positive influence on indoor air.

“Another benefit to choosing carpet for a school environment is the filter-like effect it creates in the air. Dust and allergens that fall to the carpet stay on the carpet until they are vacuumed out. On hard surfaces, they are recirculated into the breathing space. A properly maintained carpet helps keep the air in the learning environment fresh”.

The article mentions case studies done at Ridgeland High School in Rossville, Georgia and Beverly Elementary in Plano, Texas that support the findings that carpet has a positive influence in school environments.

It stands to reason that children learn better in learning spaces where they can hear better and are more comfortable. As Werner says, “…the area [children] spend …nine months growing in should provide them with more than numbers and letters, [schools should create]an atmosphere that helps keep these equations fresh in their minds for the next quiz. Carpet simply makes the grade in our book.”

Thanks, Werner.



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