Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Carpet and Rug Institute Blog Ranked #1 in Flooring-related Social Media

Carpet and Rug Institute Blog most influential in Social Flooring Index
When I saw the latest post from Christine Whittemore’s Social Flooring Index I actually pulled off the side of the road (I was still in my neighborhood) to read it. It made me late to work, but I couldn’t wait.

Christine is a well-known social media expert who helped develop the CRI Blog and continues as a consultant. She started compiling and analyzing a list of flooring industry blogs and other social media outlets like Twitter about a year ago. Since that time, her flooring blog list has grown to 88 blogs that she follows, and she has developed more sophisticated measuring tools. Of note:

Over the past 6 months, blogs in the Social Flooring Index issued 1,532 conversations. Of those conversations,

• 1,001 related to carpet, wood, laminate or flooring
• 450 focus on carpet
• 252 touch on design or fashion
• 143 address cleaning
• 89 discuss benefits
• 32 relate to recycling
• 25 touch on allergy related topics
• 25 address padding

Of particular interest to CRI is the fact that the Carpet and Rug Institute blog is once again ranked #1 in terms of influence. Influence is measured as a function of page rank, traffic, and number of postings. The CRI blog is also the most social, in that it links to other blogs and a number of other blogs are linked to it. In coming days, I am going to research the list of flooring blogs to see which ones have content that would be relevant to the readers of the CRI blog. As Christine says, “That’s what makes it all social.”

It is gratifying to be listed as the most influential flooring blog, and particularly to be used as the benchmark against which other blogs in the category are measured. Thanks to Christine Whittemore, for her contribution to the success of the CRI blog, and for putting together a useful tool in the Social Flooring Blog Index.

~ Bethany


C.B. Whittemore said...


Thanks for helping get the word out about this latest update to the Social Flooring Index. It's exciting to see the evolution of it and witness what an important role the CRI Blog playns in the flooring industry.

BTW, love the image of you having to stop by the side of the road! :-)


Stephen Lewis said...

Congratulations on being ranked #1! Thank you for continuously delivering interesting and relevant content.

Bethany said...

Hello Christine,
Thank you for all your help. You are the expert that makes sense of it all. BR

Bethany said...

Hello Stephen,
I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for your support!

Brooklyn Carpet said...

Great and valueable information about carpet cleaning.
happy to find your rich blog
Keep up your great job

Ron Dagan

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning said...

Always the best! Still the most trusted resource for carpet cleaning content. Congrats on #1

Bethany said...

Thanks - you made my day!

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