Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sears Carpet Cleaning Ad Supports CRI Seal of Approval

Sears Carpet Cleaning Ad Supports CRI Seal of Approval

Sears Blue Crew Supports Seal of Approval in Carpet Cleaning Advertising

Another great TV commercial from a Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval-certified company has hit the airwaves – this time from Sears! The new Sears Blue Crew Carpet Cleaning ad actually mentions the company’s Platinum rating under the SOA program. It also takes a humorous look at a family struggling with dirty carpet (walking on stilts, using throw pillows as stepping stones) – that is, of course, until Sears comes in to save the day!

We love it!

Watch it here. [Subscribers, click on this link to view the Sears Blue Team "Minefield" carpet cleaning clip on YouTube.] It's one minute long.

Note: if you're having trouble with the video file, try this link instead. (Windows Media Video 3.20MB)

This Sears Carpet Cleaning advertising campaign includes a new print ad from Sears - see above - that reinforces the Seal of Approval message with the SOA logo front and center!

Thanks to Sears – a great SOA Participant!

If you haven't already, you might enjoy a related blog post - titled Stanley Steemer Cleans Carpet: "I Coulda Saved This One!"   It's another clever TV commercial that reinforces the Seal of Approval message that proper carpet care keeps carpet in use longer and out of the landfill.



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