Thursday, July 1, 2010

CRI Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Brochure Includes Case Studies

Diary of a Carpet Hero

New Seal of Approval Brochure Includes Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Upside and Downside Case Studies!

Confessions of a Carpet Killer… Diary of a Carpet Hero

The upside and the downside of carpet cleaning and maintenance is laid out in a new brochure promoting the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning products and equipment. The brochure’s clever, back-to-front design seems to ask readers which they’d rather hear first – the good news or the bad? On first side of the brochure, under a headline that reads, “Confessions of a Carpet Killer”, it says, “I have destroyed something beautiful. I took the life of my carpet…I ruined it years before its time…if only I’d seen the error of my ways and looked for the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval. Now it’s too late.”

The other side, called “Diary of a Carpet Hero”, begins, “My carpet and I have had a long and happy relationship. I take care of it, and it takes care of me.”

Confessions of a Carpet KillerDirected primarily at facilities managers, the brochure’s essential point is that improper carpet care costs money, while a well-planned carpet maintenance plan that includes Seal of Approval chemicals, equipment, and Service Providers will actually save money in the long run by making carpet look better longer and not have to be replaced as often. Each side is supported with real-world case studies that include dollar amounts for how much the right or wrong decisions either cost or saved the building owners. For example:

“Law Offices Handed a Difficult Verdict – In Chicago, a law firm made an investment in 6,000 square yards of cut and loop carpet. Not knowing about proper maintenance and cleaning supplies, the firm saw evidence of heavy staining after just a year. Switching to a new maintenance program recovered some of the carpet. But some was judged to be ruined. Total money lost: $38,000

At a Savannah Hotel, Carpet Enjoys an Extended Stay – At a five-star hotel in Georgia, 6,000 square yards of carpet was looking worn after just two years, and a significant investment was in jeopardy. Thanks to a new maintenance program, the carpet’s look was quickly restored. And the CRI Seal of Approval became a permanent resident. Total money saved: $424,000

Special thanks to Lew Migliore of LGM and Associates for helping us with the information for the case studies.

Here’s a video of CRI’s new “two brochures in one”!

[Subscribers, click on this link for the YouTube CRI Confessions Brochure video.  If you cannot view the YouTube video, click on this link to the CRI website for a Windows Media Video 20.33 MB.]

The brochure may be ordered from the Carpet and Rug Institute by clicking on this link. Prices are $10 for a sample pack of 25 or $150 for a case of 350.

~ Bethany


Kurt said...

I love the line in your post, "improper carpet care costs money".

That tells it all!


Bethany said...

Hi Kurt,
Thanks for your comment. I am glad you approve of the message. Without a doubut, improper carpet care does cost money - and the Seal of Approval testing program is designed to help consumers by showing them what equipment and systems work best. Anything you would add?

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