Thursday, July 29, 2010

Carpet Means Comfort: Werner Braun

Carpet means comfort by Werner Braun
Werner Braun: Carpet Means Comfort

Werner Braun in "Carpet means comfort" describes how carpet saves energy, adds warmth and comfort to homes and offices.

In his new role as newspaper columnist with the Dalton Daily-Citizen, Carpet and Rug Institute President Werner Braun talks about carpet’s warmth in a home. The article, published June 11, 2010, is titled "Carpet means comfort."

Not only does carpet and pad provide insulation that keeps energy in the form of heat from escaping through the floor, it also makes the air closer to the floor feel warmer. Werner begins his article with a reference to something we all hate: when warm feet hit a cold floor on an icy morning.

“Put yourself in your bed during the coldest morning you remember, and how warm you felt all snuggled under the covers. Not wanting to move.

If you did start any of your mornings on a cold floor this past winter, then you understand how nice it is to step onto carpet.”

Braun is referring to research conducted over the past few years at the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as independent scientific studies, that demonstrate how carpet increases the R-value, or insulation level, of the carpeted area. The R-value (thermal resistance) measures how much a material resists the movement of heat through a ceiling, wall, or floor in a building. The higher the number, the more effective the insulation.

Carpet that is installed with pad underneath significantly increases R-value compared to other flooring materials, and that can save you money in lower utility bills.

Also, Dr. Alan Hedge, a professor of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University, points out another way carpet makes a room warmer. “Carpet feels warmer to the touch than other floor coverings because the air at room temperature is trapped by the carpet fibers, and that pad of air acts as an insulator,” he says.

This sense of hominess and warmth is one reason why carpet is being used more and more in nursing homes and residential treatment facilities, Braun says. And if you are hoping to save energy this winter, the summer is a good time to shop for new carpet.

“Even though a cold floor may feel great to your feet as the humidity settles in, take advantage of these summer months to evaluate the carpet warmth and comfort of your home or business. Is there a new room you want to carpet or re-carpet before winter arrives? If so, then don’t hesitate to ask your local carpet experts about what kind of carpet would complement your family or business lifestyle. But more importantly, don’t start out your mornings this winter by dreading putting your feet on the ground.”

Thanks, Werner!


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dc_darryl said...

Many home owners are replacing what I think is very nice carpet with wood laminate or so other modern wood look products. Every room that I've entered and services seems cold and loud. The noise insulation for me is a major factor. Carpet is a big part of the acoustical value of a warm room. Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio

Bethany said...

brichmo1!Boy, do I ever agree with you on your point! I also notice how hotel lobbies and so, so many restaurants are cold and noisy now that they don't have as much carpet.
Thanks for your comment -

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