Thursday, May 20, 2010

Werner Braun: Proper Carpet Cleaning Products Pay Off

Werner Braun: Proper Carpet Cleaning Products Pay Off

Using proper carpet cleaning products pays off
By Werner Braun President, Carpet and Rug Institute

In the third installment in a series of articles written for the Dalton, Georgia newspaper, The Daily Citizen-News, Carpet and Rug Institute President Werner Braun talks about the benefits of the Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning solutions, vacuums, extractors, and cleaning systems. He explains how the program started in 2004, after CRI discovered that many of the spot removers on the market didn’t work. Werner explains,

“Out of 25 products, only four cleaned a soiled carpet sample better than water. Some of the products caused the cleaned carpet area to re-soil faster, and even worse, some products damaged the carpet’s color and texture. We also tested vacuums and extractors, finding a wide variance in how well they cleaned carpet or, more, didn’t clean carpet.”

To help make his point, Werner cited two different scenarios where consumers used improper cleaning products.

“Take for example these two “real life” situations. A family purchases 100 square yards of carpet for their residence. They spent $3,100 for the installation of carpet designed to last seven years. The family used harmful cleaning products to spot remove accidents from dirty shoes and everyday accidents. The carpet “uglied out” in only two years and the customer lost $1,500. Or the company that purchased 4,400 square yards of carpet for its new commercial building installed for $183,000. The carpet design life was 11 years, but the carpet “uglied out” in simply four years because of improper professional cleaning.

You may know someone who has made this costly mistake, or you might have found your own carpet “uglied out” many years before you ever dreamed. So what should you do now? Look for the SOA green and blue label and leave the worrying to the experts.”

Thanks for the good information, Werner!



Quality Floors Direct said...

It's really a shame that many consumers don't realize that a lot of the products out there, don't really work, and end up working against their carpet!

Bethany said...

Hello Quality Floors,
That's the truth, and that's what the Seal of Approval program is all about. Thanks for your comment, and thanks for reading.

Carpet Cleaner Reviews said...

I've seen this firsthand and wish that more homeowners would take a few extra minutes to make a better decision. Spending $5000 on home carpets only to see them become ruined within a couple of years is an expensive lesson.

Bethany said...

Good point - thanks for your comment. Bethany

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