Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Werner Braun On Asthma Study of Carpet

Werner Braun: Dalton Daily Citizen-News

Werner Braun: Asthma study of carpet could yield big results for industry

Werner Braun Authors Weekly Newspaper Column

When the local newspaper in Dalton, Georgia, the “Carpet Capital of the World”, wanted to provide the community with more news coverage of the carpet industry, they looked to Carpet and Rug Institute president Werner Braun for help. The first of Braun’s weekly columns for the Dalton Daily Citizen-News is titled, Asthma Study of Carpet Could Yield Big Results for Industry”. It tells readers about a study soon to be released by Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control that examines the role carpet plays in the lives of patients with asthma and allergies. The study, Braun says, will provide definitive evidence to settle once and for all the pervasive myth that carpet aggravates symptoms for people with allergies and asthma.

Through the years, CRI has tried to find an origin to this myth; a piece of evidence or clinical study that might support the notion. We surveyed doctors to ask them for evidence and came up empty. We even had a noted toxicologist do a worldwide literature survey to find anything that might lend credence to this misstatement. What we have found, though, is that there are white papers that exist all across the globe that point to just the opposite. Papers that say the incorporation of carpet coincides with less allergy and asthma symptoms, medication usage, fewer hospital visits and better breathing function.”

The article explains how CRI worked with Congressional leaders to encourage them to fund a government study.

“After much work, an appropriation of $1.2 million was set aside for a three-year clinical study at Emory University in Atlanta. And the best part about it was the fact the money was appropriated through the EPA and Center for Disease and Control (CDC). That study which actually began in 2005 is now complete and the data is being analyzed and summarized and you are sure to hear big news about it once it is published.”

Thank you, Werner!


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Christopher said...

Great post and I look forward to more like it.
I'm a LEED AP and am currently working with local schools to help shift the mindset on carpet vs. vct.

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