Thursday, March 11, 2010

ProTeam's Gold-level SOA Certified Vacuums

Pat Jennings

Vacuum Manufacturer ProTeam Goes for Gold in Ad Featuring Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval

One afternoon last week, CRI Communications Manager Bethany Richmond came by my office, excited to show me a magazine ad for ProTeam, a commercial vacuum manufacturer and one of our most successful participants in CRI’s Seal of Approval vacuum testing program. The full-page ad featured a display of six of ProTeam’s Gold-level Seal of Approval-certified vacuums under the headline, “Announcing The Gold Medal Lineup.” The ad was, of course, a clever reference to the recent Winter Olympics, and a world-class endorsement for the Seal of Approval program.

ProTeam's Gold-level Seal of Approval-certified VacuumsTo achieve a Seal of Approval gold rating, a vacuum cleaner must remove more than 55 percent of the available soil and exhibit dust containment equal to or less than 35 micrograms emitted per cubic meter of air. It must also pass the texture appearance test, which means the vacuum should not affect the texture appearance of the test carpet – a commercial cut-pile construction - more than a one-step change based on one year of normal vacuum use. Measurements are taken after 800 passes of the vacuum, with the sample rotated every 200 passes. So you see, it’s not an easy thing to do.

Another interesting element of the Seal of Approval vacuum testing is the technology behind it. To determine just how much soil is removed from a carpet sample, the SOA vacuum testing uses X-Ray Fluorescence, a technology that was originally developed by NASA for the Space Shuttle program to help it identify the materials in the shuttle’s metal alloy parts. X-Ray fluorescence was modified to identify down to the tiniest microgram the exact amount of soil removed. For more information about how X-Ray fluorescence was adapted for vacuum testing, click here.

Whenever I travel for CRI to cleaning and maintenance industry trade shows, I like to walk around the show floor and visit the booths of companies that participate in the Seal of Approval program, to see if they display the SOA logo or label on their displays or certified products. I am always heartened when I see it, and puzzled when I find a company that has passed CRI’s testing but doesn’t promote the fact in their marketing.

“CRI Seal of Approval is a well-recognized certification in the industry highlighting vacuum equipment that meets higher levels of carpet cleaning effectiveness and indoor air quality. ProTeam’s accomplishment with our backpack vacuum system achieving gold Seal of Approval sets us apart from the competition,” said Matt Reimers, ProTeam’s vice president of sales and business development.

Thanks to ProTeam for helping to promote the Seal of Approval program. They score a perfect 10 from me!



Bob said...

Vacuuming is very important. Even you get a professional carpet cleaning, the first step is always pre-cleaning with a vacuum.

Bethany said...

Bob, you are so right. And, using an efficient vacuum like the onew in the SOA program makes sense! Thanks for reading,

Dyson vacuum dc25 said...

The Dyson is a superior vacuum cleaner than others. It managed to get much more dust out of the carpet.

Anonymous said...

Of course your Dyson gets more dust also takes about the top quarter inch of your carpet with it every time you run a pass with it! It's my understanding Dyson isn't in the SOA Program because it can't pass the tests due to the damage it puts on a carpet. We used to have one and every time we emptied the cylinder there was always a handful of the carpet fiber mixed in.

Dan Walsh said...

The Dyson is great, no problems so far, just clean the filter, it will be problem free. Some dysons are for people with allergies etc, I have that type, no rubbish gets back in the air !My Henry vacuum cleaner in the garage is great also.
If you Dyson pulls up the pile from you carpet, it must be a crap carpet !

Bethany said...

Hi Dan,
I did a quick survey of a couple CRI members, and they indicated that the problem with some vacuums (that otherwise remove a lot of dirt) is that their beater bars do not adjust for pile height. That might not be a problem where you are from in the UK because carpets there tend to be very low pile or loop styles. Damage happens more often on the deeper cut-pile styles used more frequently in the US. Also, if the beater bars have very stiff bristles they can damage the twist in the yarns, making the carpet have a fuzzy appearance. Thank you for your comment, and I hope you find this information useful.

Anonymous said...

Is there a formal report that states how the non-adjustable beater bars on vacuum cleaners (i.e. Dyson) can causing blooming on frieze carpets and how this voids the warranty of the manufacturer?

Bethany said...

Hello Anonymous,
I am told that the Carpet and Rug Institute's Cleaning and Maintenance Issues Management Team is working on a statement on this issue. If you would like to have input, reply to me or email CRI's Technical Director Ken McIntosh at kmcintosh(at)

Dan Walsh said...

The Dyson ball is great, if your carpet is worn or old it will pick up the carpet fluff, it does not ruin the carpet, the carpet must be very old ? If you are worried or the carpet is worn, Buy a numatic Henry as there is a sleeve thing you can twist so that it is not so powerful.

Bethany said...

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the tip. BR

Hard Floor Cleaner said...

Forget my ignorance.

I didn't know the test was so stringent until today!


Bethany said...

Hello Hard floor cleaner,
Thanks for your comment. The SOA test is stringent - what good is a performance standard if anyone and everyone can pass it?

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