Thursday, February 25, 2010

Platinum Property Care Testimonial for CRI SOA

Kevin Wilke, Platinum Property Care

Spreading the Good News about Carpet Care and Maintenance

CRI Receives Unsolicited Testimonials from SOA Service Providers

Recently, I received two welcome emails, forwarded to me by Seal of Approval Program Manager Pat Jennings. Both contained unsolicited praise for the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval Testing and certification program for carpet cleaning equipment, solutions, and cleaning professionals. The first came from Allen Shipley, President of CarpetCare Craftsman in Colorado Springs. (Click here CarpetCare Craftsman testimonial post.)

The second came from Kevin Wilke, who owns Platinum Property Care, LLC, in Cape Coral, Florida. Kevin sent CRI a link to the press release he’d posted on the business news website PRWeb using the press release template he found in his SOA Marketing Toolkit! (For more on the toolkit, click here.)

Kevin has been in business for himself for about three years. I asked him about his decision to put his Service Provider Marketing Toolkit to work for him:

Platinum Property Care“I got the Marketing Toolkit in an email from CRI – I knew right away the Press Release template was a great idea and it could really drive traffic to my website. Then one day I got a coupon for one free press release posting on PRWeb and it just kind of hit me that I had a really good opportunity to generate interest and gain visibility for my company with very little investment on my part.”

“Whoever thought of this [toolkit] is a genius. The press release template is easy to use – just fill in the blanks. It’s well-prepared and makes a really professional press release. Loading it on PRWeb is easy, too – just cut and paste, really.”

Kevin says he has “definitely seen a response” to his press release in the form of several calls from area homeowners wanting their carpets cleaned. Through the tracking tools on the PRWeb site, Kevin can see that his press release has been opened 1,531 times since it was first posted on January 20, 2010 and has appeared on various websites over 50 thousand times. PRWeb also offers a Google Map showing where his readers are located, and Kevin notes with amusement that it’s been read in Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, and China.

PS: Here’s a link to the coupon for a free PRWeb posting. Kevin says it’s still good, and he forwarded it “in case other Service Providers out there want to do the same thing I did.”

Good luck, Kevin – and thanks for all you do for the Seal of Approval Program!



Tom said...

I should checkout the toolkit. Sounds like it worked a treat for Kevin and his business.

The Carpet And Rug Institute said...

CRI would love to have you in the Seal of Approval Service Provider's program. Contact Pat Jennings at pjennings(at)carpet-rug(dot)org.
Thanks for your comment!
Bethany Richmond

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