Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CarpetCare Craftsman Testimonial for CRI SOA

CarpetCare Crafstman

Spreading the Good News about Carpet Care and Maintenance

CRI Receives Unsolicited Testimonials from SOA Service Providers: CarpetCare Craftsman

Recently, I received two welcome emails, both forwarded to me by Seal of Approval Program Manager Pat Jennings. Both contained unsolicited praise for the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval Testing and certification program for carpet cleaning equipment, solutions, and cleaning professionals. The first came from Allen Shipley, President of Carpet Care Craftsman in Colorado Springs. It read:


I just wanted to send a note to you and all the individuals in the CRI organization: THANK YOU!!! For the commitment you have made to improve the stature of the carpet industry. It is because of organizations like CRI, the IICRC, and Regional trade associations that we as an industry can hold our heads up and be proud of not only the level of service we can now provide for the consumer but also the quality of employment we can offer to prospective employees. Continue the battle and we on the front lines will continue to follow your lead.

Allen ShipleyAllen Shipley, President
Carpet Care Craftsman, Inc.

Allen’s email brightened a lot of folks’ days here at CRI, so I called him up to tell him so. I also took the opportunity to get his perspective on being a Seal of Approval Service Provider.

BR: Allen, How do you use SOA in your business?

AS: I use it all the time in presentations to commercial and residential prospects and I can say with confidence that being a Seal of Approval Service Provider improves my ability to sell. I don’t sell price as the bottom line, so we make it clear that there is a right way to do things, and that we do them that way. SOA really helps me reinforce my company’s quality message.

I see too many “shade tree mechanic-type” carpet cleaners who don’t care if they go back to the same house twice. In my business I am constantly developing relationships with individuals and organizations, and they know I will stand behind my work today and in the future – SOA is a big part of that promise.

BR: What’s your take on the program itself?

AS: CRI is doing all the right things – identifying the problems, finding the solutions, and marketing the program the right way – through the manufacturers’ warranties.

Thanks, Allen, sounds like you truly are a Carpet Care Craftsman!
Next time, we’ll talk to an SOA Service Provider who generated some good publicity for his business using one of CRI’s Marketing Toolkits for Service Providers.



Carpet Cleaning San Diego said...

I agree, and use the logo, and promote to customers whenever I tell them why I am different then other cleaners. Great program.

Bethany said...

Thanks for your wonderful endorsement! Nothing is more valuable for the Seal of Approval program than approval from our Service Providers. Bethany

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