Thursday, January 14, 2010

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dummies, 2nd ed.

Learn About The Best Carpet Cleaning Tips

At the Carpet and Rug Institute, we believe strongly in educating people on how best to keep carpet clean. That's why we love the Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dummies booklet which I wrote about in June 2009 in a post titled Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dummies - Get Yours Now! It's a terrific resource for carpet cleaning tips.

Since then, we've updated and reprinted the booklet and we're very excited about it. Here to tell you more is Kristin Smith who has been involved in this project with us since its beginning.

You may remember Kristin from Clean Carpet Begins at Home - CRI SOA Success Story. Kristin Smith is a Vice President in the Creative Studio at Ogilvy Public Relations. She has been working with CRI for the past six years on our marketing, communications and advertising programs.

An Easy 2010 Resolution to Keep: Simplify Your Chores With Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dummies®

As we start a new decade, here’s a resolution that will make your life easier and will be simple to keep: clean your carpet regularly. Does the thought of carpet cleaning make you want to run for cover? Hold on! The newest edition of the Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies guide gives you the most up-to-date information on how to make carpet cleaning easy and effective. And it shows you how the proper cleaning can help improve your indoor air quality and protect your carpet investment.

Sponsored by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) and, Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dummies® , published by Wiley Publishing, Inc., has just been updated with even more easy-to-use information about best practices for keeping carpets looking beautiful for years to come.

Household management expert Elizabeth Goldsmith, the book’s author, provides simple solutions for fighting dirt, removing nasty spots and stains, using the right products and calling in professional cleaners. She has tips for pet owners and advice on how to clean precious Oriental rugs. Consumers can request a free copy at the CRI website for a small shipping and handling fee of $2.00.

The booklet advises that not all carpet cleaning products are effective and some can even damage your carpet. “Regular and proper vacuuming is the single most effective means of keeping carpet clean,” says Werner Braun, CRI president. “And using cleaning products, equipment and professional cleaners certified under the CRI Seal of Approval program helps get the job done right, the first time.” Carpet care is easy with a little preventative maintenance and know-how. This booklet also shows you how to prevent carpet from getting soiled in the first place, plus dozens of ways to get maximum results in minimum time.

More than 70,000 Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies booklets have been distributed, and this updated edition is packed with even more information, including the newest enhancements to the CRI Seal of Approval program. And just think, carpet cleaning is just like exercise – only better. If you get into a routine and keep it up, you will see great results. But unlike exercise, carpet cleaning can be effortless – and you don’t have to sweat.


Thank you, Kristin!

Do you have a copy of the new updated edition? What do you think? We'd love to hear your reactions.

~ James


Robb Dale said...

Thanks you for the article on carpet cleaning that alerts the consumer
that not all carpets are the same and not all carpet cleaning systems
are the same. People should also check with the carpet
that they bought the carpet from for additional tips on
carpet care.

Bethany said...

Thanks for your comment, Robb - and thanks for reading!

Steam Clean said...

Thanks, for such an informative articles on carpet cleaning. This will help to make purchases of the people to be done carefully.

Carpet Cleaning said...

Thank you for the information. I pass this kind of cleaning tips to my customers.

Bethany said...

Hello Carpet Cleaning,
I am so glad you liked it. If you are interested, you can purchase the Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies books on the Carpet and Rug Institute website. Here's the link:

Miele Canister Vacuum said...

Cleaning carpets can be very painful. Although its very important and you should never ignore as it can get toxic.

Bethany said...

You are so right - no matter what kind of flooring we have in our homes, we must not ignore frequent cleaning!

steam carpet cleaners said...

I love this blog! It gives some very informative subjects that i can use to better my career and that i can give to my potential customers as well. Thanks a lot CRI

Bethany said...

Hello Steam Cleaning,
You are so welcome! This blog is a joy to write, and hearing from people like you who find it useful is the best part. What else can we talk about that you find valuable?

Carpet Cleaning London said...

If you have a carpet at home you need to keep it healthy and fresh. Thanks for the nice carpet cleaning tips, I am sure they will be useful for every one.

Carpet Cleaning Pensacola said...

Great article. I really want get some of these booklets. I love them.

Bethany said...

Hello Pensacola,
I'm glad you like the book - CRI developed it to be used by all kinds of folks to help educate consumers about keeping carpet clean! To order your books, go to and click on the link for the CRI webstore at the bottom of the homepage.

Marietta Cleaning said...

Cleaning carpets is not an easy job to do especially in stains and urine. It takes time to clean up the carpet and it's very heavy. Need to wash it on running water so the odor will be washed out and you will be very careful not to damage your carpet in cleaning. So for that I really like to learn more tips on how to clean a carpet to clean carpets or if I don't have tie enough to clean. I will just a hire a carpet cleaner to do the works for me.
Thank you for the post, I will be back next week.

bethany Richmond said...

Hello Marietta Cleaning,
Sounds like I need to write a post that specifically addresses how to clean urine stains and odor out of carpet. I will get to work on that - thanks for your input, and thanks for reading!

Marietta Cleaning said...

Thanks Bethany..I will wait on the updates and blog you will post about the urine stains and odors.

Susan Budowski said...

thanks for sharing.nice info i like your post.keep it up.
good job.

Bethany said...

Thanksss to you, too, Susan!

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