Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jet Stream Grill CRI SOA Success Story On YouTube

Bethany Richmond, CRI, Jet Stream Grill SOA Success StoryAnother Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval (SOA) Success Story – in video of the Jet Stream Grill - has just been posted on YouTube!

A six-minute video that shows how even the dirtiest carpet can be brought back to life is the latest addition to the Carpet and Rug Institute’s YouTube channel, carpetchannel1.

Regular readers will remember my earlier posts about the Jet Stream Grill. (See Jet Stream Grill SOA Success Story Part I and Part II) I first saw the restaurant one night when I was joining some friends for dinner. The lighting was very dim and at first I thought the flowing path I saw in the carpet was a custom design made to look like a map of the Jet Stream winds. Later, I realized what I was looking at was some of the dirtiest carpet I had ever seen.

I had spoken to CRI vice-president Frank Hurd about the possibility of making a video for YouTube about the effectiveness of CRI’s Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning solutions, systems, and equipment, and it struck me that the Jet Stream Grill might be the perfect subject for that. I also thought we could use the video to spotlight the importance of using a certified Seal of Approval Service Provider and how easy it is to find an SOA-certified cleaning professional on the CRI web site.

With the go-ahead from CRI Market Issues Director James Beach and permission from the Jet Stream Grill’s owner, Chattanooga TV weatherman Neal Pascal, I asked talented filmmaker and editor George Craig to help me.

We arrived at the restaurant at about 3 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon. When I got there, the hostess told me Neal planned to keep the restaurant open while we cleaned, but once we explained what the process involved, he quickly changed his mind. We moved in and immediately started moving tables and chairs out of the way.

Tony Gladson and Edward Hooker from Spectra Product Care lent their cleaning expertise, and carpet-cleaning consultant Bill Doan also offered invaluable help in that area. The hardest part was the light – as I noticed the first time I went there, the restaurant was dark. I had asked George to bring an extra light kit, but even with the additional illumination, it was still a trick to get the shots lit well enough to show the real difference the cleaning process made. We were moving as fast as we could - literally racing to finish before the sun went down. To save time, I helped vacuum and run the agitator. Still, in the final shots you can see that it’s completely dark outside. By the time we left the restaurant around 9:30 I was completely exhausted. Carpet cleaning is hard work.

View for yourself what's involved and the amazing difference that using SOA approved cleaning products, equipment and service providers make in this Jet Stream Grill SOA Success Story.

[Subscribers, please click on this link to view the Jet Stream Grill video.]
I hope you like the video. And if anyone has a good Seal of Approval Success story, I would love to know about it – we’ll put it on YouTube!

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Industrial Supplies said...

Ha! My daughter's name is Bethany. I just had to say that.
The carpet industry has really taken a hit since the recession began. Hang in there.
If you tout how earth friendly your carpets are it helps sell. Just make sure it's true.

Anonymous said...

I was named Bethany after a relative. When I was young I hated it, now I am proud of my heritage of over 100 years of women with that name in my family. Carpet sales are down, yes, but carpet has actually increased in share a little bit because it is a better value compared to many hard surface floors. Many carpets are very earth-friendly. For third-party certification of sustainable carpet, see the NSF 140-certified carpets on CRI's website, http://www.carpet-rug.org/carpet-and-rug-industry/sustainability/sustainable-carpet/sustainable-carpet-list.cfm

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