Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CRI Communications Manager Bethany Richmond Interviewed on TalkFloor.com

Bethany Richmond on TalkFloor.TVOne Small Step for a Woman… from Interviewer to Interviewee: CRI Communications Manager Bethany Richmond Interviewed on TalkFloor.com.

Late last week, one of life’s tables turned for me when I was offered the opportunity to be interviewed on TalkFloor TV, the flooring news and video website hosted by Dave Foster. Dave asked me about the Carpet and Rug Institute Blog, how it got started, and the audiences CRI reaches out to.

I talked about how, among other things, the CRI Blog provides a perfect platform for addressing the negative and erroneous information that is constantly being circulated in various media.

Before the blog, if CRI’s media tracking service turned up a negative article or a member forwarded a link to an anti-carpet web site, there was little besides a letter to the editor we could do to correct that information, and almost nothing we could do to get the correct information to the eyes and ears of the audiences we want to reach – carpet end-users, carpet retailers, the professional cleaning community, and certainly our members and others in the carpet industry. The blog enables CRI to reach out directly to the largest media audience in the world – the Internet – where search engines like Google provide the CRI Blog the kind of public access no editor can red-pencil out.

Sometimes we even outdo the competition. In these two blog posts about how carpet was treated unfairly in an article that appeared in Health magazine, the blog posts developed a higher ranking on Google than the original article: Contrary to Health Magazine Headline, Carpet Won't Make You Sick and Carpet Fact-checker Files.

As I understand the process, a blog succeeds if it has frequent posts, on subjects that are relevant and interesting to the folks who want to read it. It helps when other writers and individuals link the blog to other blogs and websites. I envision it sort of like a gigantic spider web.

Thanks to Dave Foster for the opportunity to talk about the blog on TalkFloor.com. And for those of you who read or subscribe to the blog, thanks, and feel free to forward or link to CRI Blog posts whenever you see an opportunity.

How did I do? I’d say I was informative and relatively cogent, maybe a little slow in the delivery department – you could see the gears moving in my head a little more than I’d like. Overall, I’d give me a B-Plus.

Watch the interview.

~ Bethany

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Jeff Branch said...

Interesting conversation. I have recommended the CRI blog to a couple of people who post questions to GardenWeb's flooring forum.

Bethany said...

Thanks, Jeff - I really appreciate having you link the CRI blog to other sites online. The CRI Blog is a great resource for the right information about carpet! Thanks for your support,

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