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Clean Carpet Begins at Home - CRI SOA Success Story

Kristin's carpet and Diesel the dogAnother Seal of Approval Success Story: Carpet and Rug Institute Consultant Kristin Smith Takes Her Own Advice

This is so exciting - The CRI blog has a guest blogger! Her name is Kristin Smith, and she is a Vice President in the Creative Studio at Ogilvy Public Relations. Kristin has been working with CRI for the past six years with their marketing, communications and advertising programs. She played an invaluable role in helping launch CRI Seal of Approval Indoor Air Quality testing and certification program, which is now celebrating its 5th Anniversary. Always a big fan of carpet, Kristin shares her first-hand experience about how using SOA-certified cleaning products, vacuums, and Service Providers help keep hers looking great.


There is a cautionary tale about the shoemaker who never had time to make shoes for his own children. I must admit that until recently, I was very much like the shoemaker. For the past five years, whether it’s during casual conversations with other moms at the playground or sitting around a corporate conference table, I have expounded the benefits of effective carpet cleaning and faithfully promoted the Seal of Approval program. But I have never had my carpets professionally cleaned.

I have not been totally remiss with my personal carpet cleaning responsibilities. With three kids, a very large Old English sheepdog and one lovable, but messy husband, we’ve had our share of dirt, spills and other daily disturbances affect our carpet. Fortunately, these are usually easily remedied with a little water, some light dabbing and a good run from my trusty Seal of Approval Gold-certified vacuum. When that didn’t work, relying on my stash of Seal of Approval cleaning products quickly cleaned even the most stubborn stains – especially of the doggy variety, if you get my drift.

As I was surveying my cozy home one day, I realized that my carpet just wasn’t looking as good as it once did. It was a little dingy and didn’t feel as soft and springy underfoot. And with a gasp, I realized that I had committed the number one carpet cleaning foul: not getting my carpet professionally cleaned. I promptly checked out what SOA providers serviced my area and set up my appointment. (BMR note: SOA Service Providers are listed by area and zip code on the CRI web site.)

So how do my carpets look now? After the cleaners asked me to walk around the house and point out any problem areas, they got right to work. They were knowledgeable, courteous and fast. Within a few hours my carpets were looking like new. Stubborn stains were removed (and haven’t come back), my toes once again wiggle comfortably into the carpet pile and my house smells fresh and clean.

So, I’ve learned a few lessons. I will start to take my own advice and get my carpets cleaned every year to year and a half. Plus, I’m going to make this round of carpet cleaning last! I’ve added new door mats, have the kids and hubby remove their shoes before coming into the house, and make the dog use the back door! And everyday, I smile at my freshly-cleaned carpet. Now if only I could tackle the rest of the house…

You can see for yourselves in this 2:35 minute video the before and after of my carpet cleaning tale.


Thanks, Kristin, for this wonderful story – and I agree, Diesel the doggy steals the show!

~ Bethany

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AZ Carpet Cleaning said...

We have an American Eskimo dog that we adore. But he always manages to get the carpet dirty one way or the other. Keeping it clean is a chore sometimes.

Bethany Richmond said...

But we love them anyway - drool, hair shedding and all! At least, to a point. As a child, I had a little Fox Terrier I loved, but who was a real mess. My mom put up with him until one day he lifted his leg on her new floor-length drapes. In spite of my pleading, he never saw the inside of our house again - he'd crossed the uncrossable line with her. Thanks for your comment, Bethany

Scott Gerlach said...

No Grooming?

Bethany Richmond said...

Hi Scott,

Insightful comment, and one that is right on the money. I talked to a cleaning source this morning who said, yes, grooming should be done with any cut pile carpet in order to make the pile stand up. Straight-up vertical pile dries faster, he told me. Not a critical step, but an important one that is taught by the IICRC and several other reputable cleaning schools.

Thanks for reading and for helping me learn something new today. Do you have a CRI success story? Or a question or comment on CRI’s Seal of Approval program? I’d love to have you join the conversation.


Scott Gerlach said...

I’m sure I can come up with some interesting stuff. Give me a few days and I will get back with you. Your articles are great. Thanks

End of Lease Cleaning Sydney said...

Carpet cleaning is very difficult job for me because there are two pet dogs in my house so, my carpet is always dirty due to their foot prints and these stains are very dirty or un-removeable but your suggestions are important for me.

The Carpet And Rug Institute said...

Thank you for your comment and we appreciate the compliment. We hope cleaning your carpet becomes less difficult.

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