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CRI Blog Inspires Floor Covering News Editorial

FCN: Truth or ConsequencesMultiplying the Message
Blog Inspires Floor Covering News Editorial

The July 27 issue of Floor Covering News features an editorial from publisher Al Wahnon titled, Truth or consequences, where he reacts to a CRI blog post about an article that appeared in Health magazine. The CRI blog post talked about the frustrations that come with working with the media – how some writers will say negative things about carpet no matter what, even in the face of facts supporting it as a safe and healthy floor covering. Case in point: although the writer for Health magazine approached CRI saying she wanted to write an article on “keeping carpets healthy”, the final article appeared under the headline, “Can Your Rug Make You Sick?”

Evidently, FCN Publisher Al Wahnon felt CRI’s pain. His editorial begins:

I find it interesting that there are people who hold positions they know are untenable, illogical and downright stupid. They refuse to recognize facts, resist intelligence and ignore truth. These people are not easy to deal with and more difficult to understand.

The editorial continues, telling how CRI President Werner Braun gave a 20-minute interview to the writer, and how CRI’s responses to the magazine’s “fact-checker” were ignored.

It was gratifying to have an industry veteran like Al Wahnon pick up the CRI gauntlet on this issue in such a public show of support. Equally meaningful were the comments the blog received from individuals who empathized with the struggle many of us face as we try to communicate the good news about carpet in the face of so many misperceptions.

One of the most powerful things a blog can do is to get people talking about the issues, even when they disagree. Blogs are two-way conversations, and if anyone – individual or media representative – wants to ask tough questions about carpet, Werner Braun and the Carpet and Rug Institute are available and eager to provide credible answers based on scientific research. (Blogs also provide organizations like CRI with a powerful voice to comment on unfair treatment in the media in a way that packs a lot more punch than a letter to the magazine’s editor.)

Thanks to Al Wahnon and Floor Covering News for the excellent editorial. Keep reading, Al!


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Jeff Branch said...

Some of this has gone on at GardenWeb's Flooring forum. I linked to a previous CRI blog post about carpet and health concerns because, just as Al Wahnon says, you can present facts and people brush them aside. In the thread on GardenWeb, after linking to the CRI blog post which contained a link to some very scientific data, there was a comment about the information being biased. An old saying comes to mind: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

Bethany Richmond said...

Thanks, Jeff. It's frustrating, because sometimes you don't know what to believe. That's why CRI President Werner Braun emphasizes the importance of research and documentation to back up CRI's statements. To coin another well-known phrase, don't let the (plural expletive deleted) get you down. Good to hear from you! Bethany

AZ Carpet Cleaning said...

Yes, our media in many areas of life tend to write with a preconceived stance and position. It is one reason why print media is losing steam. Too many people have caught on to the game. If you want better information, just go online.

Bethany said...

Aptly said. Thanks for reading and sharing your views. Bethany

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