Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dummies - Get Yours Now!

No matter where our travels take us these days, no matter what trade show or what audience we engage with, there is one constant that we have come to expect here at CRI: the demand for a little yellow book titled "Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies."

From housewives to architects, designers to retailers, doctors to facility managers, the easiest conversation starter we have in our arsenal over the last couple of years has been our publication Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies.

Sponsored by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) and HousekeepingChannel.com, Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dummies , published by Wiley Publishing, Inc., is an easy-to-use resource that identifies best practices for keeping carpets looking beautiful for years to come.

And the little yellow book which is formatted like all the popular Dummies book series in Wiley’s trademarked style is easily the most popular publication CRI has ever put out. The reaction to it at trade shows is priceless and the demand is sometimes overwhelming. Over the last two years, we have literally handed out 30,000 copies of the booklet and are in the process of revising the booklet for a third run.

Carpet is an integral part of most households. Some people think that keeping carpet clean and beautiful is hard work. It really isn’t. Not if you clean it properly, with the right frequency and the right products.

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies is designed to save you time by zeroing in on the best cleaning techniques and to help identify the products and equipment you need to get the results you want.

Between longer work days, time-consuming commutes, and kids’ activities that keep the calendar full, who has time to worry about cleaning carpet? Today, we’re spending less time on household tasks, yet we still expect excellent results. Lucky for us, carpet-cleaning products, methods, and equipment are improving all the time.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your carpet makes all the difference in the world. It can preserve the life and beauty of your carpet, improve your indoor air quality, and avoid premature replacement costs and disposal in landfills.

Household management expert Elizabeth Goldsmith, the book’s author, provides simple solutions for fighting dirt, removing nasty spots and stains, using the right products and calling in professional cleaners when necessary. She has tips for pet owners and advice on how to clean precious Oriental rugs.

We first came up with the idea to put together the booklet two years ago as a way to get our message out about the Seal of Approval Products. Our good friend at the Housekeeping Channel, Allen Rathey, had been approached by Wiley Publishing with an offer to do a booklet. Allen immediately thought about us at CRI and together we underwrote the expense to have it published and were fortunate enough to have Ms. Goldsmith serve as its author.

The popularity of the For Dummies book template is legendary and there was no way we were going to pass on it. With near universal name recognition, more than 150 million books in print, and over 1,000 topics, For Dummies is the world's bestselling reference series. With loyal customers around the globe, For Dummies enriches people’s lives by making knowledge accessible in a fun and easy way. Described by the N.Y. Times as "more than a publishing phenomenon, but a sign of the times," For Dummies span every section of the bookstore, covering everything from health to history, music to math, sports to self-help, technology to travel, and more.

We get requests from all over the world through our website for the book, and a lot of carpet retailers use them as giveaways to new customers after the purchase of a carpet. At trade shows, attendees can not pass the booth without stopping to grab a copy usually with the caveat “I know a dummy that this book can really help.”

Of course, we all know that dummy is usually the person putting it in their back pocket as they walk away. Nonetheless, we’re happy to provide the books for people and again it is one of our best educational pieces on simple carpet cleaning while getting out the message: use good products!

In case you are not one of the “dummies” coming by to visit us at our booth in a city near you, the books can easily be ordered from our website.

~ James

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Jeff Branch said...

Can someone purchase this book?

Bethany Richmond said...

Hi Jeff,
Yes! Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies is available for purchase on the CRI website. Just click on the link in the last sentence of James' blogpost above and it will take you to the CRI webstore page. Thanks for your comment.

Cleaning London said...

This is a good book. If you are a beginner in cleaning or just do not know how to do it, it's easy to find what's important.

Phoenix Carpet Cleaning said...

What a great idea for a book. I heard one time that it is adviseable to NOT rent those cleaning machines from places like home depot because they may not get cleaned consistently.

Bethany Richmond said...

Hello Cleaning London! I welcome you as the CRI Blog's first international commenter! I'm curious, how did you get a copy of Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies - did you order it online? Bethany

Bethany Richmond said...

Hello Phoenix Carpet Cleaning. I'm glad you like the Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies book - we are very proud of it, and as James says in his blog, it is by far our most popular publication. As for the rental machines, I don't think they are meant to take the place of professional cleaning, but rather as one of a number of carpet care tools available to homeowners. Thanks for your comment, Bethany

Jonathan said...

When it comes to cleaning, some people do it on their own while some find professional approach for that. If your house is heavily soiled and has not been cleaned in many years then steam cleaning will get you that deep clean you need and remove much of the heavy soils in the carpet. The only one restraint that we can analyze here is that steam cleaning can be used once in a year only and it requires an experienced technician to handle the mess. Care should also be taken that boiling hot water
is not used as it affects the carpet glue.On the other hand, when you use a buffer system, you do get a deep clean because the brush works its way into the carpet. You can get more information regarding this from commercial cleaning.

Bethany said...

Hello Jonathan,
I love international comments! You made some excellent points, and thanks for reading the CRI Blog. Do you use our Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies books?

carpet cleaning nc said...

This was a book. I've been in the cleaning business for a few years but i still learn every time i go through it.

Bethany said...

Hello CCNC,
I'm glad you like it. I learn something new every time I reread CCTfD also. Is there anything that you would add to it if you had the chance?

Domestic cleaning said...

I love the Dummies' books. This book is excellent for DIY :)

Mathew said...

great post folks. I really liked it.

Mathew, Cleaning London

Palm Beach Rug Cleaning said...

I read some dummies books, and it's really helpful. I recommend it to everyone. Anyway, do you have a website where I can buy the book online?

Bethany said...

Hi Palm Beach,
I'm so glad you like the book, Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies - we think it's great stuff here at CRI. You can buy them right off the CRI web site, http:/www.carpet-rug.org or click the link at the bottom of the blog post above.

Mattress Cleaning said...

Some people think that keeping carpet clean and beautiful is hard work. It really isn't. Not if you clean it properly, with the right frequency and the right products.

Bethany said...

Hello Mattress Cleaning,
I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Bethany

Carpet Cleaning Nantucket said...

The book is absolutely fantastic, lots of great information. I look forward to more of your superb posts.

Bethany said...

Hello Nantucket,
Thanks for the thumbs up! I appreciate your comment. And I love Nantucket. Bethany

Carpet Care Cleaners said...

Fantastic Book. It's not just for dummies either. everyone from the newest carpet cleaner to a seasoned vet can pick up something new from this little jewel. if you haven't read it, you should check it out.

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